Send grandma a monthly letter filled with Instagram photos

Stay in touch with the non-digitals in your life by letting Little Lilly transform your favorite Instagram photos into a printed letter.

How does it work?

Each month Little Lilly transform your favorite photos into a letter. She also prints and ships the letter(s) for you.

All you need to do is let her know which photos are your favorites. You do this by including #lillygram in the caption or adding #lillygram as a comment.


Worldwide shipping

Same easy pricing anywhere in the world.

Personal Greeting

Add a personal greeting to accompany the photos.

Unlimited Photos

You can tag as many photos as you like!

Quality paper

We use high quality, recycled paper.

Relaunching this summer

Little Lilly has quietly helped many families stay in touch since 2013. This suited me fine while taking time for my first born, Lillian.

But now, now it is time to make this baby my priority and we are relaunching this summer with an upgraded product.

Follow the process and be the first to get an invite by signing up today.

- Benedicte Raae, founder

Keep grandma updated!

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