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The legal entity behind Little Lilly is bGraphic. A company incorporated in Norway.

bGraphic AS Tromsøgate 26 0565 Oslo

Telephone: +47 97 66 70 45 E-mail:

Managing Director: Benedicte Raae

Registered at the Brønnøysund Register Center Organization number: 998 085 640 VAT ID: 998 085 640 MVA

Terms & conditions

Conditions of use

Little Lilly letters are prepaid with credits. When you purchase credits, bGraphic AS maintains your credits balance and deducts the appropriate amount of credits when shipping a letter, according to the advertised plan.

Purchased credits must be used within three months of purchase.


Payments are processed offsite by PayPal.

Refund policy

Unused credits may be refunded upon request, within three months of purchase. Contact to request a refund.

Privacy policy

When you authorize the Little Lilly application towards your Instagram account, our system gains access to your Instagram photos and their metadata. Our technical team may at any time during system maintenance, production, printing and packaging see your photos.

The above is true even if your Instagram account is private, as long as you have authorized Little Lilly access your Instagram account.

No information about you, your photos or their metadata will ever be willfully disclosed to anyone outside the company.

You may at any time revoke our access to your Instagram account:

Our rights as a seller

When you purchase credits in our application we have the right to deduct the appropriate amount of credits to ship #lillygram letters to your designated recipients.

We also reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, the price and value of a credit and the product at any time. We promise to notify you as a buyer of major changes.

Your rights as a buyer

We promise to you that we will do everything we can to fulfill your expectations to our service. If you are not satisfied with our service, we may offer to refund your credit purchase.


BGRAPHIC AS is not liable for any damages, costs or injuries caused by the content of the Little Lilly letters as they are shipped to the recipients designated by the buyer. It is solely the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the photos, captions and hashtags will not offend the recipient or be in violation of any law in the country of the buyer or the recipient.